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Whilst the customers’ journey is key to the success of our buildings, we fully understand our investors / landlords requirements given our experiences as both, and provide a complete, robust and timely management service at all stages of a PRS development, from initial design to day to day management once up and running.

What we do

Our straightforward, helpful and human approach allows us to focus on our customers providing the best rental experience available in the market and removes unnecessary pressure associated with renting. We own and manage great buildings in prime city locations with amenities that exceed expectations.

Superior lettings and renewal experience

Our properties are marketed using dedicated sites, as well as major third party platforms to ensure broad coverage. We have an on-site presence in all of our buildings which enables convenient viewings supported by a simple and transparent application process. Our on-site teams are there to assist from day one through to renewing.

Seamless move-in experience

Our on-site team are there to take the stress out of moving. From immediate access to in-apartment Wi-Fi, to entry / access codes and service facilities - our welcome packs make connecting the dots on day one much easier. It’s a better way to move in.

On-site maintenance and support

We strive to ensure a hassle-free building experience. Our teams help deliver speedy and efficient solutions to our customers’ issues. With an on-site presence at a number of our locations, be it property managers, concierge style security or maintenance staff, there is always someone available to help.

Enhanced amenities

Whilst hard amenities, for example on-site gyms, residents’ lounges, etc. are key to attracting new customers in the first instance, our customer service offering and other soft services are what keep customers in situ. As a result, we work with landlords during construction to ensure the relevant infrastructure is in place, and partner with key service providers to deliver immediate access to amenities within 24 hours, like high-speed broadband and television / cable / satellite solutions.

Local community

As well as enhanced amenities, local community is another key factor that drives renewals and tenure at our buildings, and as a result and where relevant, we work with our in-house community curation teams to run events designed to further integrate our buildings with the local area, and provide partnerships and targeted access to local enterprises.

In order for landlords to maximise the value and performance of their buildings and investments, we work closely with them throughout assets’ lifetimes: from design and through the construction phase, to the ongoing management of those assets five, ten or fifteen years down the line. Our services cover advisory, consulting, project management, management reporting and financial accounting.

Development support

Taking our on-site, operational experience on previous build to rent assets, as well as our detailed design code and brand standards, we are well positioned to feed into, and advise on a number of aspects during the development and construction of new build to rent assets, from apartment layouts, to building management systems and infrastructure, to targeted amenities.

Thorough customer referencing

By combining robust internal procedures with additional support from third party referencing / AML check providers, we put our landlords in the best position possible regarding understanding of customers.

Robust systems dedicated to finance teams, and integration with on-site teams

We have built a robust finance function that feeds seamlessly into our operations. Our dedicated finance team (covering accounting, treasury, and credit control) works closely with our on-site teams. As a result, we provide a range of finance and cash management functions, as well as a suite of management reports to aid decision making, which can be customised to meet specific requirements.

Management functions in place include:
  • Rent collection: Our dedicated credit control team provides a more pro-active rent collection function helping to minimise arrears.  By working closely with the on-site teams, our approach to debt collection is timely and firm but courteous, avoiding any unnecessary tension between us and our customers.

  • Supplier onboarding: We work with a number of chosen suppliers and have a robust diligence process in place for the onboarding of new suppliers.

  • Purchase ordering / payment sign-off: Annual budgets are prepared and approved prior to the start of the year, and appropriate approval levels agreed with landlords.  System driven procedures ensure adequate controls are in place for purchase orders being issued and payments being made from client bank accounts.

  • Cash management: We use segregated client accounts for both income and expenditure.
Reporting and system benefits include:
  • System driven diary events: Our system creates a number of specific diary / task reminders designed to ensure specific tasks are performed at specific times, reducing the risk of human error or delay, e.g. pro-active renewal discussions two / three months pre-end of tenancies and apartment inspections.

  • Real-time uploads: As a result of the interaction between the finance information and key management / operational information, information provided by on-site staff can be analysed and reported on almost instantaneously.
  • Automated reporting: Our system allows for asset level reporting to be provided automatically at pre-agreed frequencies (i.e. weekly, fortnightly, monthly) meaning key decision makers can have access to information as and when they need it.

  • Detailed monthly management packs: We provide detailed monthly management packs, including both financial information and key operational commentary provided by on-site teams.

Training and Development

Quality of service, both from a front-of-house / customer service perspective and a finance / reporting perspective, are key to the success of any of our buildings, hence our continual focus on the training and development of all of our staff, be it managers within the finance team or cleaning staff contracted in on-site.

  • Consistently high quality customer interaction: Every interaction with our customers should be of the same, consistently high quality, therefore we provide regular customer service training to all members of on-site and wider customer facing staff

  • Market awareness: We ensuring key on-site management stay on top of market developments be it developments in the lettings markets or key developments in property management (be it systems, equipment, approach, etc.)

  • Regulatory / compliance awareness: We ensure all staff remain on top of key regulatory / compliance developments and incorporate them in to their daily routines.

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