Change on Your Doorstep: The Way of Life Community Initiative

Home doesn’t stop at your front door. And neither does the Way of Life Community Initiative, a charitable project that starts in our buildings and supports the communities outside. A chance for you not just to give back to the neighbourhood, but to become part of it too.

We’ve laid the foundations for the initiative: created a grant, planned activities, partnered with charity experts. Now we’re calling on Way of Life residents to cement long-lasting change.

It can be as simple as heading to an event in your building, where ticket proceeds support those who are lonely or vulnerable. Visiting an in-house exhibition that backs art programmes for under 25s. Or helping to sow the seeds of urban gardens nearby. Take on leadership roles if you like, or set up no-fuss donations.


Way of Life helps you put down roots – not just in your apartment, but beyond those four walls. Because when we build more fulfilling lives, we see it as our responsibility to raise up the areas on our doorstep too. Supporting dynamic, more sustainable neighbourhoods.

It’d be easy for us to pick a charity and make a donation. But we want to see the real-life impact of our efforts. To find local grassroots organisations and help them grow. To get our team hands-on in local projects. And to get you involved in bringing about change for good, close to home.

The Way of Life Community Initiative has set everything up so you can support projects in your neighbourhood. Now it’s over to you to make a difference – as hands on, or off, as you want to be.


We’re collaborating with UK-wide charity Groundwork. Like us, it’s working towards a future where neighbourhoods are vibrant and green, and no person is held back by their circumstances.

As partners, we’re bringing that vision to life, drawing on Groundwork’s expertise as well as its teams dedicated to wellbeing, mentorship and nurturing biodiversity in the city. We’re funding visits by its Green Doctors to the most vulnerable households in our neighbourhoods and helping them take practical community action on poverty and the environment.


Each Way of Life building chooses the projects it supports independently, so your efforts are felt by those living nearest.

To launch, we’re dividing a grant between several local projects – selected with the help of Groundwork – that could use some extra support right now. We’ll reveal them over the coming months. After that, it’s up to you to guide our next move.

That could mean picking up a spade and digging in at an allotment tackling food poverty. Sharing your creative skills in educational workshops. Inspiring your Way of Life neighbours as a local ambassador. Or simply signing up for monthly Gift Aid donations that come out alongside your rent.

Join us every step of the way. Choose projects through Groundwork. And follow progress on the Way of Life Community Fund page, where live statistics keep track of money raised and residents giving over their time. The programmes launched, carbon dioxide saved and homes helped.

Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight. But as our funds grow and more of you get involved, it’s our goal to create a greener, fairer infrastructure in our neighbourhoods. To leave a legacy of healthier, happier communities. A better way of life.