First look: The Sessile

First look: The Sessile

From indulgent ceramic finishes to vintage furniture, and from the vinyl room to the rooftop orangery, our new project in Tottenham Hale promises to be one of our most creative residences yet

When it came to designing the interiors of our forthcoming building, The Sessile, which stands proudly next to another of our residences, The Gessner, we took some lessons from the community who’s made The Gessner their home.

The Gessner has become a firm favourite with creative thinkers, couples and young families, and we wanted to celebrate this forward-thinking spirit in The Sessile too.

From a warm welcome in the lobby, to the yoga studio, sizeable gym, vinyl listening room and private residents’ feasting kitchen, there’s so much more to The Sessile than thoughtfully designed apartments. It’s a space to kick back, truly feel at home, and support your own wellbeing. Whether that involves a quick 15 minutes of afternoon sun on the terrace, an early morning meditation in the yoga studio, or some beers in the games room with friends with the state-of-the-art sound system in full flow – the choice is yours.

Alongside the amenities, we also want the interiors of The Sessile to inspire residents. Ceramic colours and finishes, from earthy green terrazzo to deep shades of terracotta inform building’s aesthetic throughout. Once upon a time, the local area used to be a pottery-making hub and we wanted to acknowledge this in the design. You’ll see as we get closer to opening that our very own art consultant and curator, Kate Annis, has sourced some special ceramic pieces to decorate The Sessile’s communal areas by way of tribute.

Vintage furniture and one-off finds are important to the building too, as is elevating old or up-cycled materials like MDF and exposed concrete. We’re even collaborating with a furniture company that recycles old washing machines and home appliances made of plastic to create statement one-off furniture pieces.

The Sessile’s pièce de résistance, though, is the rooftop orangery. This promises to be an indulgent, verdant space; a glasshouse and open-air terrace lined with (you guessed it) orange trees and a multiplicity of planting to lose yourself in. It’s there to be whatever you want it to be – a buzzy spot to host drinks on the weekends, or a quiet oasis of calm for a cocktail and a good book – backed by stunning views out over Walthamstow marshes, or the city to the south.

Throughout the building, we want residents to feel that the outside has made it’s way inside – and all the building’s amenity space will be punctuated with planting, from the yoga studio, through to the lobby. The Sessile promises to be a one-of-a-kind.

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