Welcome to The Gessner

Welcome to The Gessner

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Thoughtful design meets a high-end hospitality experience at our newest residence in Tottenham Hale

It’s no great secret that the past few years have blurred the lines between home and the office, work and play, personal and social space. Now that life is slowly starting to return to normal, these blurred lines have huge implications for the way we choose to live. At Way of Life, we’re working hard to design spaces for our residents that offer sophisticated, experience-led living at its most comfortable – and its most thoughtful, too. With that promise in mind, let us introduce you to our newest residence, The Gessner, which is nestled in the heart of Tottenham Hale.

The Gessner is designed by Fettle, a highly-respected design studio with offices in London and Los Angeles, which specialises in creating elegant hospitality spaces. The studio’s projects include interiors for The Hoxton hotel group, Mortimer House and Chucs restaurants to name just a few. We briefed Fettle’s co-founders, Andy Fettle and Tom Parker, to create a sophisticated yet cosy living space that takes its cues from the contemporary hotel and restaurant scenes.

“The Gessner takes its design cues from the contemporary hotel and restaurant scenes”

The result is a residence that is homely, yet luxurious, and filled with considered amenities. From our 24-7 concierge desk, to the residents gym, café, and the ground-floor lounge (which transitions from quiet workspace during the day to a buzzy relaxation area after-hours) the building has everything residents need to feel truly at home, wrapped up in Fettle’s beautifully designed interiors.

The Gessner’s party-piece, though, is the 13th floor. Quite apart from a sizeable roof terrace for residents, complete with a barbecue and sun loungers, there’s also a private kitchen and dining room for 14 guests that’s perfect for dinner parties or family events. Plus, there are two guest suites up there, too. These have been designed to emulate five-star hotel rooms, with en suite bathrooms and king-sized beds, which can be booked by residents or guests alike. If you’d like a space for friends to come and stay for a few days, or simply want a bolthole from where to explore the neighbourhood, our suites have been created with you in mind.

“We’re working hard to design living spaces at their most comfortable and their most thoughtful”

At Way of Life, we try and think in terms of thoughtful and intuitive design, rather than design for its own sake, and we hope you’ll sense this in The Gessner’s finishing touches. We worked closely with art curator and gallery owner, Kate Anniss, on the curation of artworks in the space, for example. Kate specialises in supporting independent creatives, and her unique mix of local, up-and-coming and established artists brings The Gessner to life.

From Oisin Byrne’s imposing wax crayon-on-cotton canvases, to Becky Blair’s vivacious abstract paintings, The Gessner’s artworks are anything but conventional. “As I was sourcing the artists I was thinking about texture a lot; about the pieces having some depth and not being two-dimensional or flat. I want you to really be able to see the craft and feel the artist’s presence immediately in the work,” Anniss tells us.

If you like the sound of all this, we’d love for you to come and see the residence for yourself. You can read more about The Gessner here, and to arrange a viewing simply click here. We hope to see you soon.

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