Living Under One Sun, Tottenham Hale

Living Under One Sun, Tottenham Hale

Living Under One Sun

Community Spirit: Living Under One Sun

We’re supporting is a hidden gem in the heart of Tottenham, just five minutes walk from the Gessner: Living Under One Sun. Ostensibly ‘LUOS’ is a community café and garden in Down Lane Park, with allotments down by the river Lea, but that doesn’t do the initiative justice. Spearheaded by local hero Leyla Laksari and her loyal band of volunteers Living Under One Sun is an inclusive, welcoming and supportive community hub for anyone in the neighbourhood to draw on.

From a safe space for the most vulnerable members of the community, to English language workshops and financial literacy classes for migrant and refugee families, as well as yoga sessions, dance groups and even wheelchair basketball matches, Leyla and her team work tirelessly to deliver anything that the neighbourhood wants or needs. Learn more about the project here.

How can you get involved?

We've organised a programme of volunteering days with Living Under One Sun for residents of The Gessner. Head down to their community garden and cafe, in Down Lane Park, for a chance to rally around a common cause in your community.

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Community Life facilitates straightforward donations from our residents to local community projects via our charity partner Groundwork.

Anything you donate will be ring-fenced and donated in full to the local community project that your own residence supports, and of course you can connect with a project independently too; participating in events or donating your time and skills as a volunteer.

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